More than 91% of the territory of the EU is “rural”, and about 56% of the EU’s population lives there. But a new demographic change is taking place in Europe, defined as “counter-urbanization”: many people, attracted by environmental and life quality, flow out of urban areas into rural areas, made more accessible by new transport and ICT infrastructures.

The TransForm@ project is aimed at boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in rural areas by enhancing people’s digital and e-business related skills.

E-commerce opens the opportunity for very new and original businesses and brings services and products to places where they were not available. In the digital era, rural regions can strongly increase their competitiveness, thus avoiding their depopulation and transforming themselves in new life and job opportunities.

TransForm@ project pursues 3 main objectives:
• To enhance people digital and e-business related skills;
• To increase employability and entrepreneurship in rural areas;
• To facilitate young people transition from training to the world of work.

The Transform@ Consortium will create:
• The “Training on e-Commerce in rural areas”: an online training course on e-commerce in rural areas;
• The “e-Commerce in rural areas serious game”: an online game to improve e-business related skills in an international environment.