DFA governs and administrates the Historical Territory of Alava, leading, among others, the areas of “Economic Development and Territorial Balance” and “Promotion of Employment, Trade and Tourism”.

One of the ten axes of the “2015-2019 Strategic Plan” is the progress in the territorial balance, that means reducing the gap between urban and rural areas in economic development and opportunities. With this aim, DFA has established many strategic objectives and programs in order to support innovation and economic growth of rural areas, which represents 95% of Alava’s region. DFA is the Coordinator of TransForm@ project.

Virtual Campus is a development, training and consulting SME in the areas of Information Systems and Technology Enhanced Learning. Its vision is to actively promote the development of the Knowledge Society, by supporting public and private entities in the process of designing and developing strategies and projects that lead to increased societal benefits.

Virtual Campus has successfully produced multimedia e-learning contents for different platforms (desktops, mobile, tablet), environments (online, standalone) and purposes (vocational training, emergency services, higher education, secondary education). It is currently focusing on the use of Serious Games and Virtual Environments for Education and Training.

IED is a Greek NGO committed to the promotion of innovation and the enhancement of the spirit of entrepreneurship. By recognizing entrepreneurship as a crucial factor for the development and cohesion of societies, it develops research and provides innovative solutions that facilitate the growth of healthy entrepreneurship and promote employment.

IED adopts an anthropocentric approach and cooperates with social, academic and business partners from Greece and abroad, aiming at producing and transferring know how, promoting entrepreneurial culture and enhancing the effectiveness and viability of enterprises. It is a highly specialized organization in entrepreneurship, education and training, employment and social inclusion, regional development, e-learning, youth and SMEs.

MC 2020 is the result of more than 20 years of experience, challenges and learnings of an interdisciplinary team sharing a common passion: innovation in education. At MC2020 we work to bring value to learning spaces, researching, designing and developing a different training offer, inspired by innovative pedagogical approaches and methodologies: storytelling (including digital storytelling), problem-solving based training, gamification, game-based learning, etc. Looking to take advantage of the great potential offered by new technologies, we use applications, games, webseries, webminars, mobile learning…

The quality of what we do is based on the knowledge of the reality where we move and on the listen to our users’ needs. To this purpose we develop studies, analyze training needs, design and deliver courses through our campus (campus-creative.com), and organize workshops and conferences, always looking for a distinctive offer. There is a world full of opportunities out there … Study, Project, Connect, Share.

CVO Antwerpen (Belgium)
CVO Antwerpen is one of the largest Adult Education Centre certified and funded by the Flemish Government. It organizes more than 950 courses per year clustered around: courses for immigrants, formal Vocational Education and Training at the level of secondary education, higher professional education, language courses, and entrepreneurial training courses.

CVO Antwerpen is a leading player in the introduction of different types of distance learning using e-learning platforms, developing interactive content (learning objects), multimedia and video recording, social software, automated evaluation, mobile learning…. At the same time, the main campuses offer an open learning centre, providing facilities for intake and advisory, self-paced study, counselling, individual tutoring and study groups.

The activities of MIS Foundation is oriented towards: transferring know-how between professionals, organisations representing public, private and social sectors; promoting inter-sectorial cooperation; improving and developing skills and competences of individuals and organisations; promoting entrepreneurship and innovation; supporting micro, small and medium enterprises as well as social enterprises; promoting experience management success stories exchange.
Foundation is active in the following fields: training; organizing and funding conferences, seminars and workshops; consulting and advisory services; national and international project management and implementation; research activities.